Product Liability

16030122_s-Product-LiabilityHundreds of products are introduced into the market each year. Manufacturers are required to subject the item to extensive safety testing before making it available to the consumer. However, many businesses fail to take these regulations seriously. Their products cause serious damage to the health and the well-being of the consumer. If you have suffered such a loss and are considering a product liability lawsuit, call EHELPS first.

We are not lawyers. We are Certified Legal Nurse Consultants who have the knowledge and the expertise required to review the medical aspects of the case and assess its merits. We will offer unbiased advice and guide you through the entire process. We will help you determine the strength of your product liability lawsuit before proceeding with it.

We have helped numerous attorneys on the local and national levels to locate their expert witnesses for the case. We will prepare witnesses for the deposition and the trial questions. Our advice can assist attorneys in developing a powerful case with strong arguments and evidence. We will also help you save time by explaining all the medical technicalities effectively.

Our product liability services are reasonably priced as well. Unlike physicians, we will provide all the advice along with expert testimony for a great price. We will provide all the medical references required for the case along with latest research data. Our services are offered by professional and licensed nurses who are active in their field of work. They understand different types of injuries and their impact on the quality of life of the individual.

Our company is also known for exceptional customer care.

Whether in a local Tampa Bay area like Tarpon Springs or another U.S. city, call EHELPS for product liability consultation services today! (727) 741-3350.