Welcome to EHELPS

Medical malpractice, product liability, and personal injury cases are all about foolproof evidence and expert medical testimony. Whether you are the plaintiff or the defense attorney, you want to present accurate and thoroughly-reviewed facts to prevent the escalation of the legal battle into an expensive and time-consuming one.

At EHELPS, we offer assistance to attorneys, legal experts, and businesses involved in cases that involve injury or illness.

Our services include:

  • Medical Malpractice Cases
  • General Negligence Cases
  • Environmental Toxicity Cases
  • Product Liability Cases
  • Workers’ Compensation and Workplace Injuries Cases
  • Personal Injuries and Falls Cases
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents Cases
  • Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Cases
  • Medical Record Tampering Cases
  • Criminal Cases

15692963_s-nurse-groupWe will help you build a rock-solid case. Our services are offered by a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, not a lawyer. We understand the medical terminology and can review documents quickly and effectively. Every legal nurse at our office is still active in the field and understands the nuances associated with the modern healthcare system. Therefore, we are fully capable of identifying any deviations from the Standards of Care.

Apart from maximizing productivity, we also help you save money by determining the merit of the case. Our advice will prevent you from pursuing weak lawsuits. It will also reduce your risk of losing a case as we will review every minute detail and help you prepare in the best possible way.

Our nurse expert witness will provide expert testimony whenever required. We can also locate expert witnesses in specialized areas of nursing and help prepare deposition and trial questions. Our services are affordable as well. You will obtain detailed and objective medical insights without exorbitant physician fees.

Our business was founded by Michael Bechard, BSN, RN, CLNC, PE, and a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant with over 25 years of clinical and technical experience. We are based out of Tarpon Springs, FL and not only provide our services to the local Tampa Bay area, but also on a nationwide basis. Our company is a member of the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants. By choosing EHELPS, you will receive quality service in a timely manner.

Call EHELPS today at (727) 741-3350 or contact us for a case screening appointment.